Why Insight? 

We understand our clients needs, produce research product to achieve them, do what we say we will do, have fun and play to win. 

Setting and meeting our output objectives

Insight believes in setting output goals. Our objective is to produce a steady flow of detailed actionable company reports, examining in-depth issues neglected by the market and associated with a valuation anomaly as determined by our unique Stock Ranking System. Results will be analysed only with a timely quick first impression e-mail and a post results note only if estimates or a Target Price needs significant revision. Our focus is value added fundamental Flagship Reports, on which an investment decision can be made. 

Business model

Insight’s revenues are derived through a combination of fixed fees and Commission Sharing Agreements (CSA). Most clients receive our full research package but our product can be tailored to particular regions or companies. It is possible to purchase individual reports, please contact us for more details.